Ethan Congrats

Daryl Graham | Mr. Posteraro, Over the past 2 weeks I have had the pleasure of dining at Cioppino’s on two separate occasions, both for business.
The first occasion was with our entire executive team from Toronto. Last night was with our #1 account countrywide who brought a team of 14 out from Winnipeg to celebrate a tremendous 2010.
On both occasions, we told our guests to ‘just trust us…this will be one of the best meals that you’ve ever had’. The Torontonians, well being from Toronto, were quite sceptical that a Mediterranean restaurant in Vancouver could live up to such hype, but you and your staff exceeded our accolades and expectations on both occasions.
Last night you were a part of ‘our team’ and delivered the same service and excellence that we try to achieve.
Thank you for making us look good!

Carol Friend – 60th Birthday Celebration – October 29th
Just a few words to say – the evening was perfect – the food, the service, the room.
All of our guests raved about the evening – especially the ones who ordered the Black Cod – it was amazing.
Word of mouth advertising is running at full speed – Excellent.

John and Leslie Menichini – Orlando, FL | Good Morning Chef,
My wife and I, along with our 2 nieces and 3 other dining companions had dinner at your restaurant on Tuesday July 27, 2010.  I figure you would hear about an unpleasant dining experience from any number of customers but also felt like you should know about a fantastic experience as well.
From the moment we arrived your restaurant was bustling – there was a palpable buzz from the patrons – I am sure this is a regular occurrence but it was nice to experience first hand.  Your team was awesome.  I wish I had a better memory – our head server was a gentleman who was knowledgeable and extremely friendly – a good sense of humor – a real pro.
Our nieces, finicky teens, rarely eat anything – another story for another day – but they do like ‘arancini’.  Noticing this was not available my wife decided to ask anyway – needless to say they magically appeared and were wonderful.  From this minor experience we knew we hit the jackpot with our restaurant choice.  The rest of their dinner, as well as everyone else’s at the table, was expertly prepared and was delicious.
I won’t go into full menu details – porcini and chestnut soup to die for – but suffice to say we are bragging about our dining experience to anyone who is listening.
We are both currently in the service/hospitality industry in Orlando Florida, and have been for many years, and appreciate the dedication of true professionals. Hopefully you get the opportunity to see Orlando in the near future and our paths cross again.  We guarantee that anyone that we know visiting Vancouver will be reserving a table at your restaurant.
Again your food, your atmosphere and your team were outstanding.  We thank you for a truly wonderful experience.

Jeanette and Rick – Boston, MA | Thank you for the incredible experience my husband and I had dining at Cioppino’s during our stay in Vancouver.
The first evening (Friday, 4/16/2010) we had wandered around Vancouver seeing the sights and looking for your restaurant. After a few mis-steps navigating the two sections of Hamilton Street, we arrived at your door with high expectations. During our preparation for our trip to BC we had watched an Anthony Bourdain special on Vancouver and knew that we would definitely be going to Cioppino’s for a special dinner. We are happy to tell you that you exceeded our expectations and capped our BC trip with an incredible experience!
The food at Cioppino’s is better than anything we experienced elsewhere. However, it’s not just the food! Everything about Cioppino’s was amazing.
Your staff are professionals and saw to all of our needs – at times before we even realized that there was anything needed. Being seated near the kitchen may not appeal to every customer but we loved having an opportunity to see such an incredible team preparing food. They work like a well oiled machine – always working quietly and professionally!
Before even leaving the first evening we made a reservation for the following night. We felt that there would be no better way to wrap up our trip to BC than another fabulous evening at Cioppino’s.
As soon as we walked in the doors on Saturday evening we were welcomed back by Pino and his staff. Every bite of food that evening was a delight for all the senses. My husband is still talking about the Kobe steak that Pino prepared for him and the unexpected fabulous dish of pasta that Pino delivered as something else we should try.
We made sure that we didn’t leave without a copy of the cookbook and are looking forward to trying are hand at some of the amazing recipes.
Thank you again for such an outstanding experience. As soon as we make it back to Vancouver, you can be assured that we will be back at Cioppino’s!

Rick Moonen, Chef/Owner RM Seafood | Pino… The meal that you shared with me and my friends a few night ago will never be forgotten and it will rank as one of my all time favorite experiences in my life!!! Thank you from the very bottom of my soul…you are a great man. I will be back in Vancouver for certain but please make plans to take some time off to visit me in Las Vegas so I may return the generous favor you have given me.

Troy Nimetz | Mr Posteraro, In late November, I dined with a friend for the first time at Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill. Fortunately, we had reservations for—even midweek—when we arrived every table was occupied. For years I read and heard praises about your restaurant: the intimate setting, the impeccable service, and the skilfully prepared dishes. I can now support those words of praise and contribute my own.

The main dining space is subtly stylish—it makes no unnecessary attempts to be trendy, but rather focuses on being both classy and comfortable.

Jeff was our waiter for the evening.To state it simply: I could not have asked for better service.
To explain in detail: 1) he demonstrated a genuine desire to ensure our dining experience was a memorable one; 2) he offered honest advice based on our stated preferences, resulting in highly satisfying dish selections; 3) his timing and attentiveness were both well executed and warmly professional.
Since I am a lover of seafood, I did not pass up the opportunity to enjoy my favourite as an appetizer, scallops, followed by Atlantic lobster.
Masterfully crafted. Rich and delicious. Savoured to the last bite.
I finished the meal with the warm “soft heart” chocolate cake.
A special thanks to you, Jeff, and your staff for creating for me such a memorable first experience at Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill.

Richard Kim | Chef Pino, First, thank you for a great dinner.  I was at the table tonight where you were so kind to take us through your kitchen and explain the different cuts of beef and why Wagyu is such an exception.  I would have ordered it but I was being hosted tonight and it would not have been appropriate for me to order such an elegant dish!  I ordered the braised boar and it was delicious! So tender that I never picked up my knife!  I could close my eyes and imagine a large pot of this sitting in the middle of table in a farmhouse in Italy!
The other patrons at my table ordered the Tuscan rib eye and flat iron, and both enjoyed it tremendously.  I was a little disappointed though when the rib eye was ordered medium…rare is how a quality steak should be enjoyed!
My Campachi was smooth in taste and not too strong in flavour, smoked to perfection!
Your sommelier was very knowledgeable and when the wine I was hoping to order was not on the menu, he recommended an alternate from the same winery (Le Vieux Pin) and it was delicious.  I like to order local wines when dining with people from outside Canada.
Finally, my doppio espresso with a pair of cannolis completed the experience!
Thanks for your hospitality and I look forward to my next visit.

James Beard Letter

Allan Feldstein – King City, Ontario | Please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation for all that you and your excellent staff did for us during my family’s recent Vancouver visit.  (We were the family of 7 – 9 a couple of weeks ago with the food allergies who returned the second night in a row to enjoy your exquisite hospitality again, from Boston, Toronto, etc.)  The quality of your creations produce a new level of standard that extends the bar!  Your care in food preparations was appreciated beyond belief!  Congratulations and thank you, we can’t wait to return to Vancouver!

Mark Pennington – Barry Callebaut | Best osso bucco I had before tonight was 1996 at villa del lupo, jose perrini made that with lamb shank. Tonight with veal was even better, simply brilliant. The marrow in the bone also wonderful. Nice to see a truly always hands on Chef owner.

Donna Cram – University of Saskatchewan Faculty Club | Hello Pino,
I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you again for the amazing dinner on Wednesday night.
The food was absolutely sublime, the wines were perfect and service was impeccable.  Bob and I both agree it was the best dining experience we have had.

We will see you next time we are back to Vancouver but in the meantime I will certainly be sending friends & colleagues to Cioppino’s!
Warm regards,

Chris Labonté – Douglas & McIntyre Publishing Group | Pino, Just saw the great news that you and your team were awarded Best Restaurant by the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards! Congratulations and well-deserved! Give our good wishes to everybody at Cioppino’s: We are damned proud to be your publisher.

Heather Watson – Vancouver Editor – BlackBook Guides | Chef Pino, Thank you again for a truly memorable meal, your exceptional hospitality and the unparalleled service I received in the dining room from Morgan, Massimo and the rest of your staff.
I so much appreciated the informative tour Morgan was kind enough to give me, and I certainly noticed she wasn’t the only one full of genuine warmth towards the guests. Clearly, your whole team can share the pride in a job well done. It was a privilege to be the beneficiary of all your work, both in the kitchen and front-of-house.
Now the only pleasure greater than remembering the experience will be to write about it for the benefit of my readers. I’ll be pleased to send you the link as soon as it’s available.
My sincerest thanks once again,

Steven Lo – Burnaby | Dear Chef Pino: I was in your restaurant with my family and friends for my birthday dinner on Sat., Dec. 20, 6:30pm and wanted to extend my compliments: the food was perfectly prepared and your wine list is the most extensive I’ve seen!  Please relay my thanks to our server and the rest of the staff for an excellent evening.  I will definitely be dining again at Cioppino’s.

Mia Stainsby – Vancouver Sun | At Cioppino’s Enoteca, you can heap adjectives upon chicken that it usually doesn’t deserve. Succulent. Melodiously flavourful. (In this case, with rosemary butter, lemon and garlic notes.) It’s erudite comfort food. Enoteca is the “casual” option to Pino Posteraro’s more formal Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill, just as some of New York’s hot restaurants have down-market “next-door” siblings, Enoteca is also right next door. It’s scaled down, but still elegant with light woods a gallery of oil paintings and a lovely wine room for private parties.

Gary Faessler, Vancouver Lifestyles | For close to two years now he has been skilfully turning out beautiful plates of classic Mediterranean food with an emphasis on local and seasonal fresh ingredients. Classic yes, but Pino has the experience, the heart and the creativity to reinvent these dishes into contemporary versions which have a spirit and style all their own.

Andrew Morrison, Westender | One of the hardest things about reviewing a restaurant is understanding the standard it aspires to. Cioppino’s in Yaletown leaves little room for doubt about this. It has won “Best Italian” at the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards four years in a row and been recognised for its excellent wine cellar with even more accolades. Everyone knows it’s good. Not long ago I jumped into a cab in front of the restaurant and the driver said “Cioppino‘s. Nice.” I asked him if he’d ever dined there before and he said no, but insisted he knew all the best restaurants from years of tuning in to post-dinner conversations. “West, Vij‘s, Lumiere, and Cioppino’s. I never hear a complaint.”

Steven A. Shaw, Weekend Post | Perhaps most humiliating for me as a New Yorker was the slow realization that the general level of Italian cuisine in Vancouver is now higher than in New York City. Leading the charge is the dynamic Pino Posteraro, who used to cook for Frank Sinatra. I can’t recall a better Italian meal than the one I enjoyed at Cioppino’s (which everybody calls Pino’s)…

The New York Times | Cioppino’s, is a bustling Italian restaurant in Yaletown with brick walls and an open kitchen…the spring risotto with peas and crab was warm and comforting…

James Barber, Vancouver Sun | The food is terrific, the service is not only bright and well-informed but (that wonderful rarity) unobtrusive. Nobody flat out asked us how we were enjoying our dinner or how things were, but there was the occasional fleeting smile from a passing server, a smile of confident complicity that said “pretty good, eh?”

Jamie Maw, Vancouver Magazine | On any given night, one of the city’s top two restaurants. The results are often most astounding in classic dishes: a casarecce with duck ragout and oranges that just goes on and on; a perfectly cooked Dover sole served off the bone; an understated spaghetti Bolognese. Wine list is extensive but can get pricey. Long Friday lunches here are becoming a welcome salon of good food and conversation.”

Zagat | “As good as Italian gets in Vancouver” is how partisans praise this “sexy”, “happening” Yaletown magnet where “sublime”, “imaginative” creations are served in an “elegant” room graced by an open kitchen; a few claim that service “depends on whether or not you’re recognised”, and ornery oenophiles would like lower prices, but those “on expense accounts” agree that this “high-end” spot is “worth it”; N.B. wallet-watchers may want to consider the adjacent, less formal Enoteca.

4 responses to “Praise

  1. dhoogendyk

    My friend and I had the most wonderful experience at Cioppino’s 2 nights ago before we had the went to see “Oprah” at the Rogers Arena…as I was taking my friend as my guest to the event, she insisited I source out a “top” restaurant in Vancouver that she could take me to beforehand. As a long-time resident of Vancouver (all my life) and a long time now newly early-retired inflight employee of Air Canada – my friend, Leanne is an active inflight employee….I/we have experienced amazing dining experiences all over the world throughout our flying careers. Never had we had a dining experience from the time we arrived: valet service, the warm welcome from staff, waiters, attention to detail of the menu, recommendations from our informative see the chef and kitchen staff creating works of art from the menu behind our table was amazing. We had a delicately prepared foie gras appetizer, carpaccio to start, the osso bucco as our main course was like no other. As we had limited time to dine, we were so taken with our dining experience we returned a couple of hours later after the show to complete our special evening with dessert and coffee. To be welcomed back by the staff, who all greeted us like we were friends, truly finished off our evening….the creme brulee dessert and lemon tart completed probably the most wonderful time I have had the opportunity to share with a close girlfriend. For that, I am truly grateful and thank all the staff ….I certainly now know why Cioppino’s is consistently considered one of the best, if not THE best, restaurant in Vancouver! Debbie Hoogendyk, retired flight attendant, Air Canada

  2. Scott Neufeld

    To all the staff at this amazing restaurant,

    I just wanted to thank you for making my birthday a truly memorable night. The server was attentive, gave great suggestions and kept my guests entertained all night. The food was incredible and was something I told everyone who would listen about. But most of all, the interaction with Chef Pino was the icing on an already decadent cake. I truly felt like a guest in your home, and I had one of the most enjoyable nights out. Thank you to all who were involved in making this a very special night.

    Scott Neufeld
    Celebrating his 30th birthday for the 8th time

  3. Behzad Jamshidi

    I not only have had the pleasure of dining in your resteraunt, but as of recent, the priveledge to stage in your kitchen. Your staff and yourself perform at the highest level of profesionalism and the excellence enveloped in the kitchen is only merit to the incredible food that you present at your tables. Quality was never once undermined, precision was always priority, and as a guest, you trully make one feel as if they are eating at your home. I now know why you take such pride in your work, as you should for every plate that leaves the pass is stamped with a certian quality that can only be Chef Pino’s craftmanship. I am trully thankful for you allowing me to spend the evening with yourself and your amazing collection of staff!

  4. Terrific dinner in every way last night!

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